INTO THE NIGHT is Benny’s big chart topping song. Written by #BennyMardones and #RobertTepper. It went #1 on the top ten charts twice. In 1980 and 1989. He has such powerful voice that they nicknamed him #The Voice. When #RoyzOrbison passed away then #BarbaraOrbison called Benny and insisted that he be the one to do the tribute to Roy on tv with Roy’s band.He did an exceptional job.

Benny is now not doing so well as he developed Parkinsons quite a while ago and cant really preform again. Although he would love to play in Syracuse just….one more time. Syracuse loves him so much that the mayor gave Benny a key to the city. He is bed ridden and was in the hospital for over a year. There is a #gofundmebennymardones page to donate. If u can then please help this legend💜🎵