Why does a heart

That loves

So deeply

Have to suffer

Have to get broken

Once again

Over and over

Time after time

Falling for lovers

That will not

Stay mine

It can’t keep going

On this way

When can I have one

That won’t walk away

I give my heart

But when will I learn

That I need to have one

In return

From one that will

Love me 4ever

Too many memories

Still stay in my mind

Long lost lovers

From a faraway time

Haunting my dreams

And whispering lies

Bringing back heartache

And tears to my eyes

How long must I wait

For time to heal

The scars and the hurts

I’m forced to feel

Noone is flawless

Least of all me

But true love

Accepts us

And let’s us be


In spite of it all

And so I hope

My lips will soon kiss

My 4ever lover

Once time has mended

My humpty dumpty heart

COPYRIGHT 2020. SpiritedSoul and TheReluctantPoet. Keza and Charles Robert Lindholm. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED