Down by the pond

Stands the saddest tree

With luscious long branches

That can shelter u from any storm

When whistling wind blow

And vines dance to and fro

U can hug on the tree

Like the koala bear does

The weeping willow

Will protect u

Like a mother then

Under her branches

A childhood hideaway

To dream and play

We made secret memories

That I love to replay

From times long ago

Under the weeping willow

Written by: Keza and Charles Robert Lindholm


Mask on my face,

Like a patriot should

I look here,

I look there

and see those

who do not care

For the lives of others


who will not

wear one

Self – Centered Rebels

proclaiming their rights

Willing to trample

the rights of others

and expose them to death

The opposite of a


Written by : Keza and Charles Robert Lindholm

July 22 2020