🏹He Who🛡

War has plagued himFor a man cannotUnsee the truthMiseries of lifeAnd of warFor he cannotWillingly returnFrom heinousCheat u blindWith no remorseA man of dishonourWho takes awayThe precious giftOf another’s lifeLeaving othersCrumblingTo the groundAnd lost forNo valuable purposeThis evil doer isThe punisherOf destructionWho deserves toSuffer withUtmost tormentHis history isFull of darknessHis heart blackAs ashesBut his weaknessGives awayHis powerImprisonedIn the darkBelievingThe fate of the worldIs in his evil handsWritten by KezaMarch 17/20Photo from the internet

🖤Dark Angel🖤

I slowly slip away

Once I close my eyes

This brings great fear

Must put things aside

No more sleep

It’s where the demons hide

Whatever can I do?

Is this my demise?
A frightening thought

It has become

A devil is waiting

For me to come

They say not to fear him

Not to turn and run

For he once was an angel

The first Archangel and a son
I feel myself falling

Black wings at my side

My world is now flashing

Right before my eyes

It’s happening so quickly

I weakly start to cry

Theres no one to save me

Just me and my pride

I have hit the dirt and lay there

Cold like the day I was born

I must find some warmth

Bleeding from landing on thorns

Where r the people?

So afraid and alone

I need to find shelter

Im so far from home

Written by Keza

Jan 30 2020

Pictures from the internet