🎓📿Oh Professor Emerson💄🎓

Oh Gabriel Owen Emerson

Whatever have u done?

Poor poor Miss Julia Mitchell

Shes rather come undone

Immersed with memories of you

Sitting under an apple tree

Scrapes all over your knuckles so deep

Crunching on an apple

On a blanket for two

Staring up into the sky

You naughty Italian badboy

Creating many memories

Claiming you are happy to be her first

Fumbling dropping key sets, sharing the umbrella and english breakfast tea

Vanilla, an extra tie in the glove box

Fillet minion and terami soup

With some vino from Antonios family

“You blossom like a rose” you once told her

Shelter from the rain, most treasured possession and your favorite red chair

Treat her like the treasure that she is

Love for Dante and his Beatrice

“I waited for you for so long and you never came.

But that’s ok your here now”

Sharing tears of inner happiness

“Look for me in hell”

Love of Christian Loubitons

Italian leather briefcases

Black and polka dotted bow ties

Holte Renfrew account

Dble shot of 25 year old Laphroaig neat

“Let me feed you”

Rabbit fucker, angel fucker

How you like to watch her taste her wine and dance

Your ocean eyes glistening

With a tinge of jealousy in ur glance

Territorial, fragile yet charming

Sharing pizza and a salad

“U blush like a teenager”

Could never seduce a student

Al Alta Fantasia Qui Manco Possa


Watch over him like a guardian angel

Henry Holidays version

Mozart’s Lacrimosa

Domineering yet debonair

Oh Professor Emerson

What a treasure you must be

June 20 2020

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With part 2: Gariels Rapture on July 31st on #Passionflix

Written by: Keza