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In love relationships, hurt has a way of lingering in the times between resentful, angry, or emotionally abusive flare-ups. The empty, dull ache of unhappiness is the accumulative effect of these small moments of disconnection, isolation, and dread. If you live with a resentful, angry, or emotionally abusive partner, you probably have a vague feeling, […]

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Back To Bed

This morning when I woke up

Figured I waited too long

Waiting for yesterday

To appear once again

What do I do now?

For that is all I know

I squinted to look up

To face the morning sun

There is a world

Outside these doors

I was told

Seems like forever ago

There is no place I wish to go

No place I want to see

Think I will go back to bed

Til u come back and join me

Written by Kesa

Jan 16/ 2020

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Left Waiting & Other Poems

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🐺Please Please Please🐺

Please Please Please

Dont go to that dark place

Somewhere between ur dark matter

And MACSO647-JD in space

I know u r exhausted

And need much time to think

But the war isnt over

It’s only on a brink

Lay down u weary soldier

Ur body needs to rest

For u cannot function

If ur not at ur best

Please please please

Dont go to that place

The war still needs U

As no one can take ur place

Written by Keza

Jan 11 2020

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If I gave u my heart

Would u break it in two

If I gave u my body

Would u hug me instead

If I gave u my love

Would u throw it away

If I gave u my trust

Would u give urs to me

If I gave u my soul

Would u laugh in my face

If I gave u my dreams

Would u want to stay

Written by Keza

Jan 9 2020

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