Need An Opinion….

I wrote 🖤Dark Angel🖤 and would like some feedback as I have an idea floating about….please read it and comment here. She is a character I want to strengthen….thank u all kindly

The poem is only 2 posts back

🖤Dark Angel🖤

I slowly slip away

Once I close my eyes

This brings great fear

Must put things aside

No more sleep

It’s where the demons hide

Whatever can I do?

Is this my demise?
A frightening thought

It has become

A devil is waiting

For me to come

They say not to fear him

Not to turn and run

For he once was an angel

The first Archangel and a son
I feel myself falling

Black wings at my side

My world is now flashing

Right before my eyes

It’s happening so quickly

I weakly start to cry

Theres no one to save me

Just me and my pride

I have hit the dirt and lay there

Cold like the day I was born

I must find some warmth

Bleeding from landing on thorns

Where r the people?

So afraid and alone

I need to find shelter

Im so far from home

Written by Keza

Jan 30 2020

Pictures from the internet