Dearest meus amor💋

You’ll never change

What’s been and

What’s gone

You know I will

Wait for you

You r my one

Until the end

I dream of every

Inch of ur love

With utter bliss

And rapture

I want to taste

Ur kisses on my tongue

I long to put

Ur hands into my soul

I need u to blow

Lightly in my ear

And nibble on my neck

Lick my skin

Crave ur fingers to be

Entwined with mine

Wishful desires

Of ur skin

Touching mine

Making me gasp

Making me scream

Put ur hands

Above my head

Maybe tie me

To my bed

Make me urs

And show meus corporis

That ur all mine

U r my one

Until the end

As my lover

Anima mate

And as my best friend

April 7/19



I want

The kinda kiss

That… Takes my breath away

The kinda kiss

That… Makes my heart stop

Just for

A moment or two

That… kinda contact

Lips to lips

That… Take me to

Ur love tower

The kinda kiss

That… Makes me dizzy

And tingly

All over

That kinda kiss

That… Makes me hunger

For U

Whenever u stop

That… Kinda connection

That… Makes me crave

For u

Like a drug of 💜

You make me feel

Crazy, alive + free

Happy + giddy

Helplessly devoted

To U all the time

Those special kiss

That…Sew my heart

Back together

That… Makes me blush

And miss U

When Ur gone

Just to tell U


U r just that

Yes… That💋

March 30/19