Let It Go

It started with a past

An ending of bad events

A loves bittersweet memories

Of days gone by

U may hear laughter

U may feel sorrow

An inkling of hope

For one day not to rot away inside

It seems impossible to balance

Or to hold it deep within

U must let it go

I know u will never forget

I will hold ur hand

And walk u through it

With the days that pass by

It just becomes easier

U cant stay there

It’s not healthy for ur soul

For on the other side

I will wait for u

Reach out to me

Dont be afraid

Somehow ur in my blood

Now I cant live without u

Come walk with me

I want to hear u laugh

Ur smile brightens up my world

In my heart its u that I understand

I will light the way

Come out of the darkness

True love will show us the way

U will walk alone no more

Written by: Keza

Photo found on internet

Dec 10 2019

🐺Celebrate Life With Me🐒

Give me ur hand

Come walk with me

To the beach and

Watch the sea

Into the pool and

Splash with me

Into the rain and

Dance and sing

Giggle and laugh at

Nothing really each day

Smell the Cherry Blossoms

In the spring

Build a snowman

When the snow falls down

Blow out ur candles

On ur special day

Lick icing off my fingers

On a baking day

Tightly hold me

After a bad dream

Let’s sing along

To our favorite songs

Make me smile when

U look at me that way

Tuck me in

Underneath the stars

Howl at the moon

In the darkest of nights and

When the sun comes up let’s

Start all over again

Nov 19/19


🌻My Isolated Heart🌻

My heart did hide once

This is true

I never thought I could love again

But then came you

I tried to hide it

Feelings started to flow

U made me smile once again

My face started to glow

Wanting to deny myself

Keep my heart blue

I had been fooled

Once by a so called love that was untrue

No matter how I tried

U were there for me

So many years I had cried

Finally u have set me free

This isolated heart

That I once knew

U made it depart

Made feelings so true

In ur arms I want to be

Please dont ever let me go

U sparked a fire deep inside of me

Eternal love now inside me does flow

Nov 18/19

By Keza🌻