⏳Magna Bellator⏳

Oh “magna bellator”

Ur eyes so weary

The “inimicus” awaits

Ur next move

In this great “pugna”

Save us from “malum”

And all that is “unperfect”

U were once but a “miles”

Now a knighted

“Bellator luminis”

Who stands tall

Amongst all

Things “facinorous”

Even the biggest “nitheful””daemon”

Fears thee

Ur sacred “derf”

Can save us from “nineted”

This ” terra” needs

No more “lues”

Or “mixship” so “repudious”

Raise ur weapon “customs lucis”

And send the “malum” “inimicus” “daemon”

Back to “gallows” in hell

Stand tall our “magna” “bellator luminis”

And save our “terra”

Once again

Written by Keza

Jan 22/2020

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Back To Bed

This morning when I woke up

Figured I waited too long

Waiting for yesterday

To appear once again

What do I do now?

For that is all I know

I squinted to look up

To face the morning sun

There is a world

Outside these doors

I was told

Seems like forever ago

There is no place I wish to go

No place I want to see

Think I will go back to bed

Til u come back and join me

Written by Kesa

Jan 16/ 2020

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